CPG Full Brand Development and Web Launch


Qludo Foods




April 25, 2022



Qludo Foods, a new protein bar brand, needed a comprehensive brand development and web launch solution to establish its brand and reach its target market. The brand had limited resources and needed to effectively communicate its unique selling points to its target audience.


Lack of brand recognition: The new brand was unknown to customers, and had to work to establish a reputation and identity in a crowded market.


Competition: The protein bar market was already dominated by established brands, and the new brand had to find a way to stand out and attract customers.


Limited budget: The new brand had limited resources and a small budget, and needed to be strategic in how they used their resources to achieve their goals.

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Strategy Session.

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Plan of Action.

Conduct market research: The brand conducted market research to understand their target customers and identify opportunities to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Develop a unique value proposition: The brand identified its unique selling points, such as using natural and organic ingredients and emphasized these qualities in its marketing and branding efforts.

Utilize social media: The brand leveraged social media to reach its target audience, share information about its products, and engage with customers.

Collaborate with influencers: The brand partnered with influencers in the health and wellness community to reach a wider audience and build brand recognition.

Launch a referral program: The brand launched a referral program to encourage customers to spread the word about their products and attract new customers.


The Qludo brand was able to overcome the challenges of entering a crowded market by conducting market research, developing a unique value proposition, leveraging social media, collaborating with influencers, and launching a referral program. This led to increased brand recognition, improved sales, and increased customer loyalty.

  • The brand's market research, unique value proposition, social media presence, influencer collaborations, and referral program helped to establish brand recognition and set them apart from competitors.
  • Improved sales: The brand's efforts to reach and engage with their target customers led to increased sales and revenue.
  • Increased customer loyalty: The brand's focus on using natural and organic ingredients, and their engagement with customers, helped to build customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

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Their work is quite fast and results are impeccable although they are a smaller agency but has it’s resources in one place with a talented young team.

Mark Brown

Director, Envato

Their work is quite fast and results are impeccable although they are a smaller agency but has it’s resources in one place with a talented young team.

Mark Stewart

Operations Manager, Envato

Their work is quite fast and results are impeccable although they are a smaller agency but has it’s resources in one place with a talented young team.

Michaelle Dawn

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